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Finding healthy food options on campus have always been difficult for me. With a little resourcefulness and creativity, I can usually find something but I don’t like to rely on it. The best way to ensure I am eating healthy, satisfying and delicious food – that also agrees with my body – is taking time to prepare it myself.

As a grad student with a busy schedule, it can be a struggle to prepare food for the week but once I do, it is always worth it. I have created three recipes to share with you that are easy to make, taking 30 minutes or less, and will leave you feeling content and energized. My brilliant sister, Veronica Rouse, is a Dietitian here in Canada and helped me with these recipes and the nutritional information. And lastly, my punny friends have helped me come up with the names of the recipes, I hope you enjoy them!

Three lunch recipes you can bring to class:

G(r)eeking out

G(r)eeking out adds a modern twist, with the addition of quinoa and chickpeas to the already deliciousness of a greek salad. The chickpeas add plant-based protein and iron that keeps us full. Take a break from geeking out for a minute and try g(r)eeking out – you won’t regret it!


Spring it on!

Spring it on provides so many yummy vegetables in one meal. It’s fresh and nutty flavours will leave you feeling uplifted. The lettuce gives a nice crunchy texture and the mint an extra zing. So bring it on grad school, us scholars are ready to spring it on!


OpporTUNAity knocks

OpporTUNAity knocks is my favourite lunch dish that I created from scratch and a lot of experimenting. It’s super filling with loads of omega 3’s for brain health to leave you energized for when those opportunities come knocking!


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What recipes do you make for class?

Until next time,

Christine xo




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