The Fear of the Unknown #GradSchoolFeels

Welcome to a new school year scholars! I know we all have different schedules and you might not actually be entering a new school year, but I am officially entering in my 2nd year of my PhD. No matter where you are with your studies, the unknown, the next steps, the future… well it can easily sneak up on you. Sitting with the unknown often creates fear and can easily distract you from your work. If you want to learn a bit more about how you can cope with the fear of the unknown, keep reading to learn all about the new Scholar Scholar series #GradSchoolFeels.

First off, I have some exciting news…

Scholar Culture is officially on YouTube! I created a YouTube station because my social following is growing and I felt like I could reach more students this way. The first video explains Scholar Culture’s new series:


This series will be speaking to some of the typical feelings grad students face. These might include; anxiety, depression, feeling like an imposter, feeling lonely… the list goes on.

The idea behind this is to:

  1. raise awareness about mental health for grad students,
  2. for grad students to feel more open talking about their feelings with themselves, friends, colleagues, family members or professionals and
  3. to create free mediations and tips to help ya out when you are facing these feelings.

Before I move forward, I want to make a disclaimer and suggest talking to a healthcare professional, counsellor or therapist and seek help if you feel that any of these feelings are getting in the way of your everyday life. I am just here sharing my experience with these feelings and what has helped me, but I highly recommend talking to a professional more in-depth.

The main reasons I chose to create meditations is that:

  1. First and foremost it is accessible to everyone and you don’t need any expensive props to participate.
  2. Secondly, meditation brings you back to the present moment; a place of calm and mindfulness- these videos aren’t designed to take yourself away from the feeling but actually to address it head-on.
  3. Lastly, I wanted to give something that is realistic for grad students who don’t have a lot of time on their hands – something quick but effective.

But if you want to learn more about it, you better head over to YouTube and check out the video now!

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This month feel is:

The Fear of the Unknown

You can find the guided meditation for this feeling here.

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But if meditation isn’t your thing, don’t worry. I have gathered a few other tips to cope with this feeling.

Tip 1: Go for a run or walk 

Taking yourself away from your work while you are worrying can allow you to clear your mind. This means standing up and getting some fresh air. Put on those running shoes and go outside for a run or walk. Oh and don’t forget to leave your phone at home!

Tip 2: Get mindful

You can practice mindfulness other ways than just meditation. Take a break for some yoga or practice mindful eating. Getting back into the present moment, no matter how you get there, it will ease your mind.

Tip 3: Make some tea

I always find a nice warm cup of tea calming. The idea here is to slow you down. It also allows you to step back from coffee and calm those jitters and racing mind.

Tip 4: Journal your fears 

If you just can’t seem to escape your racing thoughts, try journalling it out. Start by just writing. Don’t worry about what you are writing, just write. This will likely give you some insight as to where these fears are stemming from.

Tip 5: Listen to some music

Maybe you just need to pick yourself up, instead of being fearful of the future, becoming content. I find music helps me find a space of happiness again. I have created a Spotify playlist just for this fear. Check it out here.

Tip 6: Read a book

Lastly, pick up a book. No not a text. Another type of book. It can be fictional, or self-help. The book I have recommended in the photo below is “Hope and Help for Your Nerves” by Dr Claire Weekes, it’s a classic and straightforward book that has helped me with my nerves, fears, and anxieties.

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Well, scholars, that is all for now. Stay tuned for next month’s #GradSchoolFeel. I will also be blogging in between, so keep your eyes peeled for those posts as well. Lastly, I would love to hear from you!

  • How do you cope with the fear of the unknown?
  • Have any of these tricks ever work for you?
  • And what do you think about the #GradSchoolFeels series?
  • Are there any particular feelings you want me to feature in the coming months?

Comment below!

Until next time,

Christine xo

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