Hey, Scholar!

I am so happy you stumbled upon the Scholar Culture blog, welcome!

Are you a graduate or doctoral student? Thinking about applying to graduate school? Or perhaps you are a lifelong learner. Wherever you are in your academic career, this blog is here to help you.

Scholar culture is a blog for scholars who are searching for motivation, tools, and a space to socialize with others who are “not too cool for school”. It is a place for the grad school community to come together and share experiences to increase confidence and happiness as scholars. We discuss promising practices and strategies to help our grad school work and personal life coexist. 

You might be thinking, am I a scholar? For us at Scholar Culture, scholars are:

  • Graduate students
  • Doctoral students
  • Those hoping to pursue a graduate degree or diploma
  • Someone who is in between degrees
  • Academics who have completed their degrees
  • Anyone who is flirting with the idea of pursuing an academic career
  • A person who loves to learn

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If you want to learn more about me check out the Meet Christine page. If you are curious about my research, head to the FAQ page.

I’d really love to connect with you. The best places to connect with me are in the comments section of my blog, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and YouTube. Keep me updated on your experiences as grad students by using #ScholarCulture and #ScholarSquad. Feel free to send me an e-mail if you would like to speak more privately over on the contact page. Looking forward to hearing from you!

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