Scholar culture is a blog for scholars who are searching for simplicity, organization, motivation, and a space to connect with other graduate students, PhD students, and early career researchers.

The blog is run by Christine Streeter, a 4th year PhD Candidate at Carleton University, in the School of Social Work and Political Economy. She is committed to supporting graduate students in their academic journey. As well as working towards research that improves conditions of work for care workers in the social work and social services work sector

Christine started Scholar Culture at the beginning of her PhD to share her journey.  She continues to share her experience in her blog posts and on social media. As well as her own strategies, which emphasizes simplicity and organization to help grad students in their academic lifestyle.

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The best places to connect with Christine are in the comments section of my blog and Instagram. Keep her updated on your experiences as grad students by using #ScholarCulture and #ScholarSquad. Feel free to send her an e-mail if you would like to speak more privately over on the contact page.