Below you will find some of the things I am loving at this moment that are helping me through grad school. I update this page every month, so make sure to keep checking back in. If you want more details on the items, each month there is a corresponding blog post that describes why I love these items so much!


School Related

January 2019: The Caring Self by Clare L. Stacey

February 2019: Contemporary Feminist Research from Theory to Practice 



January 2019: My Favourite Half Night Stand by Christina Lauren 

February 2019: The Power by Naomi Alderman


January 2019: Oatmeal

February 2019: Brazil Nuts


January 2019: Yoga with Adriene on YouTube, 30 months Challenge ‘Dedicate’

February 2019: Melissa Wood Health 5 day free trial

Conscious Brands

January 2019: Lush

February 2019: The DivaCup


January 2019: TSC Him & Her Podcast

February 2019: Grammar Girl 


January 2019: Grammarly 

February 2019: Mindmup

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January 2019 

February 2019

Christine xo.