An average of 4-8 years. After this, I often hear gasps.

Yes, it’s a long time but here a brief timeline of what I will be doing:

  • 2 years of course work
  • Qualifying exam: The purpose of the qualifying examination is to provide each student with an opportunity to demonstrate that they have achieved both a breadth of knowledge in social work and a depth of knowledge in the chosen area of specialization within which it is expected that his or her dissertation will be located. It is designed to enable the student to demonstrate (1) a command of the broad field of inquiry, and (2) the connections between the intended dissertation and the structural approach to social work.
  • Dissertation: In the school of Social work, students choose their Dissertation topic with the advice and approval of the Supervisor and members of the supervisory committee. It is expected that all Dissertation’s contribute to the existing body of knowledge relevant to social work. Within their broad parameters, the candidate’s personal interest, resources, and skills determine the choice of topic.

So now you can see research is tedious stuff – the length makes more sense now, right?

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