I am researching an increasingly unfortunate phenomenon that is occurring in my Province of Ontario (which is also very prevalent in the rest of Canada, UK, US and other Countries). I will conduct social research regarding youth social exclusion, particularly in relation to the labour market and precarious work in order to improve labour market outcomes and civic engagement. In Ontario, it is my view that systemic oppression is occurring through the use of dominant powers in economic positions which in turn is exploiting youth in the labour market. There are many relevant intersecting barriers that are being placed on young people and I hope to explore further the overlapping intersects of gender, the power and social relations of oppression as they relate to disability, sexual orientation, religion, and culture. The history, current context, formation, contributing values, implications and social and personal impacts of government policies which are currently affecting youth in Ontario as they face the harsh realities of a precarious labour market will also be examined. These social research findings can lead to a critical analysis of social problems and structural oppression and begin theorizing solutions that will influence public policy, in support of social justice and equality for youth within the labour market in Ontario.

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