Carleton University in Ottawa, Ontario.

Usually followed by – You’re moving away from Toronto! Why did you choose Ottawa?

Ottawa is uniquely positioned in the Capital of Canada, which is also where our Parliament is located. Carleton offers a specialization in Political Economy which opens me up to opportunities, faculty, and colleagues that holistically look at policy, economy and social work simultaneously.

Not to mention there are other organizations such as CCPA, political organizations and impressive instructors working from a structural framework and who want to support me and my research (I still can’t believe it!) – need I say more?

(And then followed by) – Is your boyfriend moving with you?

No he’s not, he has his own goals to pursue in Toronto and we are both cool with it. Yes, long distance will suck but we have a strong foundation and we know honest communication is important to make it work (with lots of visits back and forth).

Context disclaimer: My experience will be situated from where I am pursuing my degree, in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. I will also be traveling back and forth from Ottawa to Toronto a lot and will dabble a bit in both cities. My resources will mainly focus on Universities in Ontario. I am hoping my readers can touch more on Universities across Canada, as well as Colleges in Ontario and across Canada. I most definitely encourage conversations about these contexts and experiences.

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