Hi Scholar,

I am so happy you found Scholar Culture which began as a humble blog when I began my PhD journey in 2017.

I always had to work hard to be a top student, it didn’t necessarily come “naturally”.  As a life-long student, productivity techniques have  helped me in my journey and I see the benefits of these tools for students.

But they never fully resonated.

Sometimes, I felt they took life and soul away from being a student.

My PhD in Social Work, has been a long and challenging journey, with lots of life in between – I eloped in 2020, had a baby in 2022 and then my brothers life-changing accident in 2023. I plan on graduating Summer 2024.

I’ve been lucky enough to find an incredibly supportive supervisor (a rarity in academia, unfortunately ). Her guidance helped me align my research with my authentic self. It has been rollercoaster ride to get here however. I faced difficulties with my mental health, which you can read more about here. But ultimately by acknowledging my own apprehensions towards emotions, I learned to embrace them, and integrate them into my work routines so that they can work with me, not against me.

My research focuses on improving working conditions for care workers and you can learn more about my academic experience here. And my passion wants to improve conditions of work for students too.

Learning is meant to be enjoyable.

I love learning and hope to be a scholar for life (whether that is in or out of academia).

But I also want to enjoy doing it.

Some of my most treasured moments in my life (aside from the birth of and watching my child grow) is when I feel most aligned with my work and life.

I hope you can find this one day too.

I hope I can help you find it.

It is my goal to inspire students to enjoy learning again through resources and support. 

I want to help you heal your relationship with learning and productivity through courses like soulful productivity.

I aim to pass along scholarly wisdom that I have been lucky enough to receive through one-on-one mentoring sessions, free resources and educational posts.

Lastly, supporting students financially holds great importance to me, as this was one of my biggest anxieties as a student, which is why I started the Scholar Fund.  A portion of every purchase made at Scholar Culture goes into this fund to provide graduate students with financial grants.

It is never too late to enjoy learning again,