Meet Christine

Hi Scholar!

I am so happy you found Scholar Culture.

I’m Christine, a PhD Candidate, at Carleton University in Ottawa, Ontario.

I’ve been working in higher administration for the past year at York University in Toronto, Ontario and previously had the pleasure to learn and work alongside dedicated researchers, leaders in higher education and support staff who are the oil that makes the academic train roll.

I am a feminist political economist working towards change through mindfully learning about others lived experiences (and having fun while doing it)!


As a social worker committed to improving insecure working conditions for care workers in the social work and social services work sector, my research explores precarious work and safety at work. My thesis research draws on feminist political economy to investigate social service worker’s experiences with COVID-19.

Recently, I have been involved in ethnographic site studies involving unpaid work in long-term residential care, as well as identifying and comparing promising practices to support all groups of seniors when imagining age-friendly cities. I recently finished leading a Mitacs Accelerate Grant, on 2SLGBTQI seniors’ and workers safety in health care, social care and municipal public services.

Alongside my passion as a social worker, I am also interested in organizational skills, time management tools, writing, creativity, healthy eating, mindfulness, meditation and yoga which you will also see in my blog posts. I want to discuss things like anxiety and having a life outside my work.

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Christine xo