Feeling like an Imposter #gradschoolfeels

If you haven’t like an imposter at some point, are you even in grad school? Imposter syndrome is a common experience for grad students. Personally, I have felt it on numerous occasions and with varying levels of intensity. This blog post breaks down imposter syndrome and some tips to help you through it.

If you haven’t already heard about the #GradSchoolFeels series,  head over to YouTube and check out the video now!

This series discusses some of the typical feelings grad students face. These might include; anxiety, depression, unmotivated, feeling lonely… the list goes on.

The idea behind this is to:

  1. raise awareness about mental health for grad students,
  2. for grad students to feel more open talking about their feelings with themselves, friends, colleagues, family members or professionals and
  3. to create free mediations and tips to help ya out when you are facing these feelings.

This month feel is:

Feeling like an imposter

You can find the guided meditation for this feeling here.

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But if meditation isn’t your thing, don’t worry. I have gathered a few other tips to cope with this feeling.

Tip 1: Read your own writing

Have you ever gone back to a paper you have written and say “oh wow, did I really write this”? Sometimes this can be a good thing and sometimes it can be bad. So go back to a paper that you were graded really well on. Re-reading your own writing will remind you that you actually do know what you are doing

Tip 2: Listen to music

Putting on some good tunes can be an easy pick-me-up. Don’t have any time? Play it in the shower or as you go for a walk. Check out a playlist that I made specifically for feeling like an imposter to boost your confidence.

Tip 3: Read your CV

This is similar to reading your own work. If you have already read your own writing and are still not convinced, take a look at your resume or CV and reflect on all the work you have done to get you to this position. And remind yourself – you are awesome!

Tip 4: Journal

Just write. It’s as simple as that, don’t think about it, pull out a scrap paper or your journal if you have one and let it all out through free writing. Whatever comes to your mind, put it on paper and see what unconscious thoughts appear.

Tip 5: Read a motivational book

Reading a motivational book, or listening to one on audio can help boost your mood and confidence. Here is one I recommend: The Secret Thoughts of Successful Women by Valerie Young.

Tip 6: Call your family or friends 

Giving your family or friends a call can really help put things into perspective. There is nothing like talking to someone who is not in grad school to realize that grad school does not have to take over your life completely. So give them a call, be vulnerable and expect to feel better soon.



Now I want to hear from you!

  • How do you cope with feeling like an imposter?
  • Have any of these tricks ever work for you?
  • And what do you think about the #GradSchoolFeels series?
  • Are there any particular feelings you want me to feature in the coming months?

Comment below! And stay tuned for next month’s #GradSchoolFeels.

Until next time,

Christine xo

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