TIP OF THE MONTH: iCal + iReminders

Straight up, I’m an Apple girl.


I’ve had a Mac and iPhone since 2008 and never looked back.

I know this can be a big debate but this style and level of detail fits my needs and has always worked for me.

The two main tools that keep me organized AF are iCal and iReminders.

Here is how I use them:

  • I can add as many calendars as I want; I have one for school, work, personal, birthdays, Steve (my boyfriend), and family events. Each calendar can be colour coordinated of course, which helps keep them all organized. I can view these calendars all at once, separately, or select a combination.
  • Typically, when you receive an e-mail with a meeting date, there’s an option to send it to your iCal.
  • Note: You can sync google calendars with iCal but in order to sync with someone, it only works if the other individual uses iCal as well. But if they do, it works seamlessly.

Another major feature of these apps is the sync feature. I am able to sync my calendar with Steve so we are both aware of our own appointments, events and our plan for visiting each other (long distance life).


Check out apple support here that explains in detail how to set up all of these features.



As you know, I use Trello as my main ‘to do list’ in my life. But iReminders help me stay organized and on top of things as well.

  •  I like to use it to remember passwords, grocery lists, movies or book suggestions and bill dates.
  • It’s super easy to use, so as soon as someone suggests a book or good show in a conversation, I can quickly add it to my list on my phone so I don’t forget.
  • You can add in location and set up specific dates and times you would like to be reminded (with a repeat option).
  • You can also sync iReminder lists with anyone else well, so if we ran out of milk or eggs, instead of trying to remember it, I add it to our joint grocery list right away so that it is off my mind.

Here is how I use my iReminder app:

Check out apple support here that explains in detail how to use iReminders.

I’m not going to lie though, on top of Trello, iCal and iReminders, this isn’t the only calendar and reminder system I use. I still also use my trusty hand written agenda now that I am back in school. It’s probably a bit over the top but I am OCD when it comes to staying organized.

What apps do you use for your calendar or to keep you updated on certain items?

Would love to hear what works for everyone else.

Until next time,

 Christine xo

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5 responses to “TIP OF THE MONTH: iCal + iReminders”

  1. Arcy

    I use my passion planner, Icalendar, and KanbanFlow – which is like trello BUT you can track the amount of time you spend on a task.

    1. Scholar Culture

      That is so interesting a great added feature! Thanks for sharing, Arcy. I will have to check KanbanFlow out.

  2. Beth

    I only use the hand-written agenda! I always feel like I should try something new but I like to be able to have everything in one place. I don’t want to feel like I’m duplicating information in different places, especially when I’m so pressed for time. But my current system isn’t working so well. I have way too many to-do lists on the go!

    1. Scholar Culture

      I know what you mean, Beth! Ask yourself, what is not working well in your current system? This might help you be able to introduce something new (like Trello or quick to do list or writing stuff down that is just on your mind), while still keep what works and what you love (your hand-written agenda for due dates and scheduling) without duplicating efforts but simply adding in a new system! Good luck!

  3. […] I utilize all my calendars to their full potential. I like to use these large stick on calendars in my office (easy to peel on and off) to give me a quick visual. However, I also use iCal for more specific details and that is linked to my mac and iPhone. It allows me to colour coordinate by tasks. It also allows me to share specific calendars with my loved ones. I have one with my partner, as well as another one with my mom, sister and best friend. You can read more about how to sync this calendar on my blog post here […]

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