Feeling Unmotivated #GradSchoolFeels

We are halfway through this semester which sometimes can bring up feelings of being unmotivated. At the start of this school year, I had so much on my plate I was so overwhelmed it was hard to even start certain tasks. Now, I am currently at a roadblock with my writing which is leading me to a place of procrastination. Needless to say, there are many reasons that can lead you to feel unmotivated. Whatever the reason you are feeling unmotivated, I am hoping the series below can help you start to feel a little bit more focused moving forward in your work.

If you haven’t already heard about the #GradSchoolFeels series,  head over to YouTube and check out the video now!

This series discusses some of the typical feelings grad students face. These might include; anxiety, depression, feeling like an imposter, feeling lonely… the list goes on.

The idea behind this is to:

  1. raise awareness about mental health for grad students,
  2. for grad students to feel more open talking about their feelings with themselves, friends, colleagues, family members or professionals and
  3. to create free mediations and tips to help ya out when you are facing these feelings.

This month feel is:

Feeling unmotivated

You can find the guided meditation for this feeling here.

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But if meditation isn’t your thing, don’t worry. I have gathered a few other tips to cope with this feeling.

Tip 1: Get some exercise 

Moving your body may just be the energy boost you are needing. Put on a good playlist like the one I have created here and get moving. Now I know when you are feeling unmotivated going to the gym is one of the last things you want to do but let’s be honest – when have you ever regretted going to the gym?

Tip 2: Meditate

Clearing your mind through meditation or a simple walk can bring you back to the present moment. So get on your mat and give yourself space for clarity.

Tip 3: Take a social media detox

Putting your phone away for the day can open your eyes to how much mindless time you spend on your phone, but it can also create a more positive attitude to allow you to focus on yourself and no one else. Even if it is just for an hour or two, try it out and get ready to reap the benefits.

Tip 4: Make a to-do list 

If you can’t seem to focus on the task at hand because of the other items on your to do list keep coming up in your mind, then write them down. Get out a scrap piece of paper and write down your to-do list so that you can stop thinking about for the time being.

Tip 5: Watch a motivation video

This has been one of my favourite things to do lately. As soon as I listen to motivation videos on YouTube, I am immediately motivated to start a task. Waking up and starting my day with these videos first thing has really helped transform my morning routine. Check out one of my favourites here.

Tip 6: Do something that makes you happy

Lastly, do something that makes you happy. That may be picking up a fictional or self-help book, it may be drawing or dancing. Do something that makes you feel joy. This spark could aid you towards motivation and further allow you to approach your work more creatively.

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Now I want to hear from you!

  • How do you cope with feeling unmotivated?
  • Have any of these tricks ever work for you?
  • And what do you think about the #GradSchoolFeels series?
  • Are there any particular feelings you want me to feature in the coming months?

Comment below! And stay tuned for next month’s #GradSchoolFeels.

Until next time,

Christine xo

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