6 Books helping me survive my PhD

Today I want to share with you some books that are helping me survive my PhD. It was so hard to only pick six! So this list is not an exhaustive by any means. Rather, it gives you an insight into some of the books that are currently helping me within the first two years of my PhD.

Here are six books that I are helping me surviving my PhD this far:

The Social Work Dissertation by Malcolm Carey

This is one of my favourites for the obvious reason that it is social work specific. It covers the basics, starting from describing the dissertation process and then breaks down each section more specifically. This book also focuses on small-scale qualitative methodology, so for anyone using these methods, I highly recommend!

How Learning Works by Susan A. Ambrose (Author), Michael W. Bridges (Author), Michele DiPietro (Author), Marsha C. Lovett (Author), Marie K. Norman  (Author), Richard E. Mayer (Foreword)

How Learning Works was a required book in my Critical Pedagogy class. This class has been one of my favourites so far and party because of this book. It gives us insight into how students learn. It also provides practical tools, such as rubrics to aid us in these strategies. For those planning on teaching in academia, this book is a must!

Wealthing like Rabbits by Robert R. Brown

Robert Brown came to speak at Carleton to talk about personal finance as a student. Although I find some of his humour fairly dry and old-school, he provides some basic and helpful tips to manage your debt and shares advice for saving. Thinking about finances and budgeting is a must for grad students.

How to Write A Lot

This book has been recommended  multiple times throughout my PhD. For some reason I was mainly focused on research and teaching while entering into my degree. I quickly learned that I will be writing A LOT and that my writing needed to improve. This book has helped me become a reflective and disciplined writer.

Deep Work: Rules for Focused Success in a Distracted World by Cal Newport
The Dissertation Warrior 

Dr. Guy White so graciously sent me a copy of his book “The Dissertation Warrior” and I am so glad he did! This books shares in the process of completing a dissertation but also goes beyond. He gives specifics around books, shares stories and gets into the details of aspects of the journey such as committee members.

I have so many other books and podcasts I am loving and I would love to share. So comment below if you would like to see a page that I update every month with these resources that I am loving.




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