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Last week I was featured on Career Conversations. I completed an interview with Stefanie and during we discussed everything from mental health, time management and blogging during my PhD. In this blog post, you will find a link to the full video, as well as an overview of the key takeaways.

Stephanie discussed a lot in our 40 minute conversation. Here is an overview with time stamps in the video of what we discussed.

1:56 More about me, my PhD and Scholar Culture 

3:50 The beginning phases of creating my blog

9:08 What are the skills I needed/learned to start up my blog

14:10 How I grew my instagram following and how I do online marketing

21:30 Support from my supervisor on using creative, communication and social media skills

25:30 Time management tips 

32:30 On taking time ‘off’

35:30 Alignment and passion in your work

And here is the link to the full interview, available on youtube

I would love to hear your thoughts on the interview. Also comment below if there is something that we didn’t get around to discussing that you would like me to share my experience.

Until next time,

Christine xo

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