30 Day Writing Challenge

Who is ready for another writing challenge? I know I am.

I have to get a solid first draft done for a published chapter, that I am working on in a team – by the end of August. I thought a writing challenge would be a great way to motivate me and hold me accountable. So, if this sounds like something you need too, I hope you will join me!

Here is how the challenge works:

The overall goal is to accomplish one major writing goal in 30 days.

The daily goal is to complete one writing task per day.

Everyone’s overall and daily goal will be different, depending on what they need to accomplish. For example:

My overall good is to complete a first draft of a chapter I am working on for a book. And my daily goal will be to write at least 500 words a day.

I have already done lots of prep work for this chapter. I have done my analysis and written the abstract, so I am ready to start writing. However, you might be at the early stages of your writing for a certain project, therefore your goal might look something like this:

An overall good to complete the prep work for a journal article idea. And a daily goal of spending an hour a day towards this article, such as finding relevant literature, reading literature, brainstorming, writing the abstract etc.

I have created a really simple template for us to keep track of our overall and daily goals – however, feel free to adapt it to what works for you!

Although the title of the challenge is 30 days – I am making weekend’s optional. I really try and promote taking weekends off and that includes this challenge. However, if you have a tight deadline and need to work on the weekends – then treat these days as “bonus days”

Don’t forget to join the Facebook group and use the hashtags #30daywritingchallenge and #scholarculture to connect with other

I will be sharing my progress through posts and stories on Instagram and hope to connect with you there.

Until next time,

Christine xo

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